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The Brighter Tomorrow Foundation is entirely funded by gifts from caring individuals, organizations, and foundations. Through these gifts, BTF helps change lives one at a time.

Our desire to help individuals with developmental disabilities is expressed in our philanthropy through annual gifts, bequests, and the establishment of other estate gifts to ensure ongoing and future support for this important mission. See below for ways to give.

The Brighter Tomorrow Foundation is a Committee Advised Fund under the auspices of The Dayton Foundation.

Honor A Loved One

Many individuals seek a way to honor, celebrate, or remember a loved one or family touched by developmental disabilities. Gifts to the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation are an excellent way to accomplish this goal.

Annual gifts can be made each year on holidays, birthdays, or for other special dates of milestones or achievements. Families may also choose to make an endowment gift to honor or memorialize a loved one. Endowment gifts will be permanently recognized on a plaque at the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation and each year in our annual report.

Ways to give

Give Online – Make online credit card gifts (minimum $100) through the Dayton Foundation's secure site. Be sure to designate The Brighter Tomorrow Foundation Fund.
Click here for online donation information.

Gifts of Cash – Cash gifts, the easiest way to give, may be made by check payable to the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation, and mailed to 500 Kettering Tower, Dayton, OH 45423. Credit card payment is also available. Click here for a printable form to make a gift by credit card. Cash or credit card gifts may be specified for immediate use or directed to the BTF endowment fund.

Gifts of Stock and Other Marketable Securities – Gifts of appreciated stock may offer two-fold tax benefits: 1) you will avoid paying long-term capital gains on the increase in value of the stock; 2) you will receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift. Other marketable securities, such as closely held stock, bonds, Treasury bills, and mutual funds offer similar tax advantages. Consult your financial advisor.

Qualified Retirement Plans – Charitable gifts may be funded by using the required distributions from your Roth or regular retirement plan. Funds distributed directly to charities generally avoid any taxation. If you need the retirement income, you may still designate BTF as the beneficiary of any remainder assets of the plan. Please consult your fund administrator for charitable giving opportunities and for current year tax rules.

Bequests – Charitable bequests are easy to accomplish by making a simple provision in your will. BTF may be named as a beneficiary of a fixed or residual amount. Use of a codicil to make a charitable provision avoids the redrafting of your will. Bequests to charity will generally reduce the amount of your estate subject to federal estate tax while addressing your charitable goals.
Click here for sample bequest language.

Gifts of Life Insurance – Life insurance policies that are no longer needed are excellent assets for making charitable gifts by changing the beneficiary to BTF. If you still owe annual premiums, you may take an annual charitable deduction for that amount. Contact your insurance agent for the appropriate forms.

Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA) – Life income may be obtained by using current assets to purchase a charitable gift annuity on one or two lives. The CGA pays the donor(s) a fixed amount each year for the rest of one or both lives. The remainder of the asset reverts to BTF at the donor’s death. The Dayton Foundation issues charitable gift annuities on behalf of BTF. Please call our Manager, Greg Darling, at 937-225-9939 for details.

Other deferred gifts – A variety of other giving vehicles may be appropriate for individual donors. These include charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, unitrusts, and life estate trusts. Contact your estate planning professional or BTF for additional information about these options. Click here for a downloadable Confidential Commitment Form for Estate or Deferred Gifts.

We recommend that you consult your accountant, attorney or other financial professional for specific tax deductibility of any gift.

For further information about these giving options, please contact Greg Darling at the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation, 937-225-9939 or gdarling@daytonfoundation.org.



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