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Dear Friends:

The Brighter Tomorrow Foundation is excited to have you as a visitor to the Foundation’s website. Recently, enhancements were made to the website in order to provide more information for those who share our desire to help and support people with developmental disabilities. In today’s economic and financial environment the challenges for those with developmental disabilities are greater than ever. It is a pleasure to know that there are still individuals available and willing to give their time, talent and treasure to support the needs of the developmentally disabled.

The Brighter Tomorrow Foundation believes it is vitally important to persevere with our mission during difficult economic times. We know that many people in our area have suffered economic hardship. We continually renew our commitment to provide for those with developmental disabilities.

Continue through our website to see some of the benefits that the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation facilitated to assist people with developmental disabilities. Please contact our Manager, Greg Darling gdarling@daytonfoundation.org with questions or comments.

Brighter Tomorrow Foundation Grant Committee


Brighter Tomorrow Grant Committee (as of January 2022)

Andrew Kinder, Chair, Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services
Dr. Carletta Bryant, Parent, Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Dr. Pamela Combs, Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services
Jennifer Corcoran, Parent, WPAFB
Cheryl Mahoney, South Community Behavioral Health Center
Janice Saddler Rice, Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services
Laura Roesch, Catholic Social Services

The Brighter Tomorrow Foundation is a Committee Advised Fund under the auspices of The Dayton Foundation that seeks and receives donations and gifts from private citizens and organizations to support its specific mission and purpose. Resources are used to assist citizens with developmental disabilities or to assist the Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services.



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