Sample Testamentary Language for a Bequest to the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation

For a specific monetary bequest:

I give and bequeath the sum of $______________ to Brighter Tomorrow Foundation (or named fund within the foundation), located in Dayton, Ohio.

For residuary bequest:

I direct that the remainder of my estate, whether real property, personal or mixed and wheresoever situated, be distributed to the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation. My Executor shall, at the request of the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation, liquidate and sell any real estate or tangible personal property which is part of the residue of my estate before making distribution.

Other helpful language for any will:

I instruct that all charitable gifts, bequests and devises should be made, to the extent possible, from assets that constitute income in respect of a decedent, as that term is defined in the Internal Revenue Code.


Non-Testamentary Language for Designation of Beneficiary

Sometimes, donors wish to designate a charity or fund as the beneficiary of assets, such as life insurance, stock accounts and IRAs. This allows the donor to have complete control of his or her assets during the donor’s lifetime. At the donor’s death, the asset passes without probate to the beneficiary designated.

In order to designate a beneficiary, the donor should contact the custodian of the asset and request a beneficiary designation form. The fund may be designated as either primary or as contingent beneficiary. Suggested language is as follows:

_________% to the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation (or named fund of said foundation), located in Dayton, Ohio.