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Who We Are
History & Relationships

History and Relationships

In 1990, the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation was formed as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in response to interest from private citizens who wished to support initiatives for individuals with developmental disabilities through a charitable non-profit organization.

Relationships with Other Organizations

BTF and The Dayton Foundation: Partners with Pride

In October, 2008, the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation completed its plans to partner as a supporting organization of The Dayton Foundation. This union brings many benefits to the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation and creates efficiencies that will, ultimately, better serve people with developmental disabilities.

Here’s how the arrangement works. The Brighter Tomorrow Foundation now uses the address and location of The Dayton Foundation at 500 Kettering Tower in Dayton. Besides office and meeting space, BTF receives professional and administrative services from Greg Darling and Jennifer Shinker. These services include gift processing, grant distribution, printing, mailings and information technology support. In addition, the arrangement with the Dayton Foundation provides for investment management of BTF assets as well as accounting, tax and audit services. In return, BTF pays a modest annual fee and agrees to follow Dayton Foundation guidelines for fundraising, grant making, and investments.

According to Dr. Roberta Weaver, board president of the Brighter Tomorrow Foundation, the board is delighted to have access to the expertise and experience available from The Dayton Foundation. Dr. Weaver states that the new relationship has already strengthened BTF by addressing day-to-day operations while the board focuses on its larger goal of long term financial stability and service to its target population.

The Brighter Tomorrow Foundation is a supporting organization of The Dayton Foundation. A supporting organization is a public charity that has its own board and 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. This relationship gives BTF the benefit of The Dayton Foundation’s many years of experience along with access to technical support and well established policies and procedures. The Brighter Tomorrow Foundation is co-located with The Dayton Foundation at 500 Kettering Tower, Dayton, Ohio 45423. Our phone number is: (937)222-3390.

Montgomery County Board of
Mental Retardation and
Developmental Disabilities

The Brighter Tomorrow Foundation has direct ties to the Montgomery County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities which has the responsibility of appointing the foundation’s board members. These members include the Superintendent and other staff from MRDD along with non-affiliated community members interested in the foundation’s mission.



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